Over-Under Win Projections for All 30 MLB Teams

American League

Angels: +/- 91.5 undefined – Image 2

Over if … Albert Pujols, Jered Weaver, Dan Haren and C.J. Wilson all have All Star-caliber seasons.

Under if … Albert Pujols gets homesick and returns to St. Louis a week into the season.

Athletics: +/- 72

Over if … Yoenis Cespedes instantly becomes a major league star and Manny Ramirez mashes the ball when he comes off of suspension in late May.

Under if … Manny Ramirez misses the final 12 weeks of the season due to maternity leave.

Blue Jays: +/- 83

Over if … The starting rotation performs with consistency and younger players such as J.P. Arencibia and Brett Lawrie step up to provide support to Jose Bautita in the lineup.

Under if … Jose Bautista wakes up from the greatest dream ever to discover he's terrible at baseball again.

Indians: +/- 78.5

Over if … Cleveland's rotation has a solid season while its core position players stay healthy.

Under if … Ubaldo Jimenez settles team grudges by beaning all of this teammates.

Mariners: +/- 72

Over if … Ichiro has a bounce-back season and Seattle gets productivity from its young players.

Under if … Jesus Montero is not that Jesus.

Orioles: +/- 69.5

Over if … Baltimore's young starters finally step up and prove they can have success in the majors.

Under if … The Yankees, Red Sox, Rays and Blue Jays play the 2012 season.

Rangers: +/- 91.5

Over if … Josh Hamilton performs well despite off-the-field distractions and Yu Darvish is as good as advertised.

Under if … It is discovered that Yu Darvish is related to Daisuke Matsuzaka and Hideki Irabu.

Rays: +/- 87.5

Over if … Desmond Jennings and Evan Longoria put up big numbers while the starting rotation proves to be the best in the AL East.

Under if … The Rays draw motivation from the enthusiasm of their fans.

Red Sox: +/- 90.5

Over if … Boston gets a solid season from its starting rotation and the teams finds a solid replacement for Jonathan Papelbon.

Under if … The team goes out drinking after their first game to celebrate Opening Day and then wakes up all hungover around the All-Star break, like "Oh, shit. We got so wasted we slept through the first half of the season."

Royals: +/- 78.5 undefined – Image 1

Over if … Kansas City's young prospects blossom all at once.

Under if … Kansas City doesn't replace some of its adorable miniature players with regular-sized adults.

Tigers: +/- 91.5

Over if … Justin Verlander has another dominant season while Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder fuel a powerful offense.

Under if … Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder pass away due to overdosing on hotel room service one night on a road trip.

Twins: +/- 73.5

Over if … Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau and Francisco Liriano shake off their injury history and return to form.

Under if … Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau and Francisco Liriano collide while trying to catch a pop-out and instantly burst into flames.

White Sox: +/- 75.5

Over if … Adam Dunn bounces back from an awful 2011 season and Jake Peavy stays healthy and pitches like he did in San Diego.

Under if … Adam Dunn continues to hit worse than Jake Peavy.

Yankees: +/- 93.5

Over if … Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira return to form and the back end of the rotation keeps the Yankees in games.

Under if … There is a God.