Neighbor on Jamie Moyer: "Getting a win at 49 is a pretty obvious sign of a midlife crisis"

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While baseball celebrates 49 year-old Jamie Moyer becoming the oldest person in baseball history to record a win, those who live near the Rockies pitcher say it's an obvious sign that Moyer is trying to pretend he's still young.

"I've seen older guys who get sports cars, or get a toupee or cheat on their wives with some girl in her 20s," said Ken Morrow, who lives three houses down from Moyer. "But getting a major league win? That's way over the top."

Jerry Etters, another one of Moyer's neighbors, says Moyer is all the talk of the neighborhood right now, but that will all die down soon.

"I don't want to mention any names, but a couple of years ago we had a guy here in our neighborhood, late 40s, who ran a half-marathon," said Etters. "Well, that impressed a lot of people, especially the other wives who were all like: 'Why don't you get in shape like that?' But not two months later, he hurt his knee running and had to get surgery. Then who looked stupid? This thing with Moyer is no different."

Morrow says that his neighbor's major league victory makes him difficult to respect.

"I've got three kids, a mortgage and a lot of responsibility at the office," he said. "I'd love to have time to win a major league baseball game. But I don't. I grew up. I'm not 35 anymore. I'm 48."

Many of Moyer's neighbors also agreed that he should "think about mowing his grass instead of winning games. It's getting a little long. We have pride in our yards around here."