Lamar Odom Threatens to Play for the Mavericks if the Mavericks Don’t Give Him a New Contract

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Mavericks forward Lamar Odom vowed today that he will take the court and play in a game for the Mavericks if they refuse to give him a new, long-term contract.

"Call it whatever you want. A 'hold-in' or something," said Odom. "But unless they pay me more, I will play for them. I'm serious. They need to do what's right if they want me off the court."

Odom is currently making $8.9 million from the Mavericks and the team is on the hook to pay Odom $8.2 million next season. But the former Laker wants an extension through 2015 at $15 million a season or insists that he will take the court.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban admits that Odom has the upper-hand.

"We came to an agreement that we would continue to pay his salary if he didn't play for us," said Cuban. "But that showed our weakness in this negotiation — that we are willing to pay Lamar millions to not play for us. Now he's making us double-down on that. I don't see any way out of it. We have to pay him more or he might get on the court. That's something we simply can't have happen. He's too terrible."

Odom say he hopes to have the contract issues finalized by this weekend so "he can go lay down again by the pool. All of this negotiating over not playing has been kind of exhausting."

If the Mavericks fail to extend and increase his contract, Odom says he has an additional card up his sleeve beyond playing basketball.

"A sex tape of me and Khloe," he said. "Pay me or the world will see it. I'm not messing around. She's very very naked in it."