World’s First Poster Since 1997 Produced to Commemorate Blake Griffin’s Latest Dunk

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Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin has single-handedly jump-started an industry that has been dormant for 15 years, adding another green shoot to America's recovering economy.

With a series of thunderous dunks, the most recent throwdowns coming over Pau Gasol of the Lakers, three poster companies have opened for business or have begun taking on investors. One company has even produced its first poster — believed to be the first sports poster produced in the world since 1997.

"We feel the industry can get back to where it was in the late '80s and early '90s," said Jeff Stanton, CEO of Blake Dunking on People Posters, Inc. "Those were heady days in the poster world."

So far Blake Dunking on People Posters, Inc. plans to only produce posters of Blake Griffin dunking on people, but Stanton says they may branch out if sales are strong.

"We've had discussions about maybe doing posters of Blake Griffin missing dunks one day, too," he said. "Even his missed dunks are pretty awesome. And in a poster you really can't tell if he's about to clank it off the rim. You just see him flying through the air and the defender looking stupid with Blake's balls in his face."

A second poster company, Mainly Blake Dunking on People Poster Company, is ready to begin selling its first Blake Griffin dunk poster next week.

"Yes, we will also mainly just sell posters of Blake Griffin dunking on people," said Mike Moreland, president of Mainly Blake Dunking on People Poster Company. "But we also see a market for posters of Lebron James and Chris Bosh looking stupid. People really seem to be into that. In fact, those posters might even sell better than the Blake Griffin posters. Ohmigod … can you imagine a poster of Blake Griffin dunking on Lebron and Bosh? It would be the greatest poster ever."