Drunk, Rioting Kentucky Tips Over West Virginia

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Celebrations over Kentucky winning its eighth NCAA championship in basketball quickly turned ugly late Monday night when the state of West Virginia was tipped over onto Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

"I was nervous about this night before the game even started," said West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin, his governor's mansion in shambles some 130 miles east of where it once sat. "Kentucky has been getting out of control with their celebrations. But I never expected this much damage."

Moments after Kentucky clinched the national title, fans filled the streets throughout the commonwealth, setting fires and tipping over cars. But Kentuckians soon grew tired of that and eyed West Virginia sitting there on the eastern border. Soon thousands of fans gathered along the state line and lifted West Virginia into the air, and flipped it over with one, final great heave.

Where West Virginia once sat, all that remains is a huge, dirty hole.

"It reminds me of regular West Virginia, there just aren't any mountains," said one Kentucky fan who cheered on the flipping.

Law enforcement was not visible in the area during the time of the incident, reportedly because they had massed along the northern border with Ohio.

"We figured people would try to do stuff to Ohio," said Kentucky State Police Commissioner Ray Maholm. "I mean, if I wasn't in uniform, I know I would have thrown some empty beer bottles at it. Ohio sucks."

West Virginia is expected to be totaled.

"From the looks of it, it can't be fixed," said an investigator on the scene. "Also, it's flipped over now."