Contrite Ozzie Guillen Clarifies Fidel Castro Remarks: "He never accomplished half of what Stalin did"

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Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen sought to clarify his remarks about Fidel Castro today by focusing on the many flaws of the Cuban dictator. Guillen recently told Time magazine, "I love Castro" – comments which have created a huge backlash in South Florida.

But Guillen sought to clarify his comments with those he angered in Miami's Cuban-American community today.

"As far as dictators go, the Fidel is basically the shittiest," Guillen began. "Look at his island. The Cuba. It is crap. They say it used to be nice. I doubt it. But he took it from a hell hole to even worse. I do not love a man such as this. I spit on Fidel and all the Cuban people who elect him over and over again. The Cubans are as dumb as their leader."

As Marlins executives and public relations staff members moved to the podium to remove Guillen and end the press conference just sentences after it began, the outspoken manager continued on.

"My favorite dictator? It's not this Fidel," he said. "I do not love or respect him. Compare him to someone like the Russian, Joseph Stalin. The Wikipedia say he was responsible for more than 20 million deaths. That is the true power. He would kill Jay Mariotti in a second. I respect that man. Which is saying much because I hate Russians."

Guillen's microphone was cut, but he continued on, now yelling to be heard: "CUBANS! ACCEPT MY APOLOGY! LET IT INTO YOUR TINY, COMMUNIST BRAINS AND REALIZE IT IS THE TRUTH! YOU STUPID BASTAR– …," he said before being tackled off the stage by Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria.

Minutes later, with Guillen removed by team security, Loria continued the press conference.

"What Ozzie was trying to say is that he knows absolutely nothing about anything beyond baseball," said Loria. "If you ask for his opinion on anything outside of this sport, anything at all, you will only be horrified by what comes out of his mouth. So please only ask him about baseball and I'm confident his tenure here will be a success."