Tiger Woods’ Caddy Wins Golf Tournament by 5 Strokes

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Joe LaCava won his first golf tournament since caddying Dustin Johnson to a victory seven months ago with a 5-shot victory Sunday at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. LaCava was joined in victory by Tiger Woods.

"It's great to finally get back in the win column," said LaCava, who was clearly relieved to have his title drought at an end. "I was tired of hearing all the caddy critics out there saying that 'Joe LaCava is never going to win another golf tournament.' Well, in your face. I'm a champion again."

LaCava entered Sunday's final round with a 1-stroke lead but said he felt confident he was going to win.

"Everything was going great, you know? It was just one of those days," he said. "The strap of the golf bag felt really good on my shoulder, when I would put the clubs back in the bag, they'd slide right in and not get jammed on the other clubs. I peeled a perfect banana. And one time I said '7-iron here' … but then the wind picked up and I said, 'No, go 8-iron,' and the eight turned out to be the right club. I was in a zone."

Despite LaCava's victory, there are still questions about whether he can best Steve Williams' record for most majors.

"All I do from week to week is go out and try to win every golf tournament I caddy in," said LaCava. "The majors will take care of themselves."

LaCava says he is feeling confident entering the Masters.

"I've been spending a lot of time practicing and I think my caddy game is really good right now," he said. "I cleaned the grooves in Tiger's pitching wedge in 11 seconds. And I'm talking completely clean. That's the kind of thing that will put me over the edge and get me a green jacket."