Motivated Mark Sanchez Vows to Have His "Least Shitty Season Yet"

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Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez said today that he welcomes the team's acquisition of Tim Tebow and will use it as fuel to make himself better.

"I am confident that at the end of the season, my critics will be forced to acknowledge that the 2012 season was the least shitty of my four seasons in the NFL," Sanchez told reporters. "I fully intend to have repeated flashes of competence in the upcoming season."

In three full seasons as an NFL starter, Sanchez has never thrown for 3,500 yards, completed even 57-percent of his passes or posted a quarterback rating above 78.2 — numbers that put him among the very worst in the NFL over that time. But the former USC quarterback is intent on making improvement across the board in 2012.

"Completing 60-percent of my passes seems a bit bold, but I will definitely shoot for 59-percent," he said. "And I feel like I'm ready to join that level of quarterbacks with ratings in the 80s and call guys like Joe Flacco, Carson Palmer and Kevin Kolb my equals."

If all goes according to plan, Sanchez says that in the next few years, he hopes to "reach the level that Jake Delhomme was at during his prime with the Panthers. It may sound like a foolish dream, but you have to reach for the stars, you know?"

Jets head coach Rex Ryan says he is glad to hear Sanchez is ready to increase his production.

"I want Mark to improve and this team needs him to improve," said Ryan. "Of course, even if he hits all of those stats he mentioned, he will be a complete shit can of a quarterback and will get benched. But at least he'll know he went down with a fight."

Tebow says he is looking forward to learning alongside Sanchez.

"God gives so many blessings," said the former Broncos starter. "And to be able to see Mark's mistakes day after day and learn from them, well — I am so grateful for Mark and the many limitations he has. I wouldn't want to have any other quarterback ahead of me on the depth chart."