Mitt Romney: "My NCAA bracket will draw a clear contrast with President Obama’s bracket"

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Leading Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney today declared that he is ready to release his NCAA Tournament bracket, stating that "the American people will see a very clear contrast between the teams I am picking and the teams President Obama selects. They will understand that I have the sort of knowledge, experience and vision necessary to fill out a successful bracket, and therefore also make a successful president."

The former Massachusetts governor then went on to rail against President Obama's bracket record.

"We all remember the hoopla about his bracket starting out in the top 99.8 percent last year," Romney told a small crowd at a Mississippi campaign event. "Well, where did he end up? You didn't hear the mainstream media talk about that, did you? That's because President Obama did not get one team correct in the Final Four. Not one. Now, the president seems like a nice guy with a fine family. But the American people deserve better than 0-for-4 in the Final Four. A Mitt Romney presidency will do better."

Romney has yet to release his bracket, but sources inside the campaign say his leaning towards a Final Four consisting of Harvard, Duke, BYU and Detroit.

Yet while Romney sought a bracket match-up with Obama, the three other remaining Republican candidates reminded voters about their own NCAA picks.

"Mitt is filling out a bracket on one of those fancy, online sites," said Rick Santorum at a gather in Alabama. "Not me. I filled mine out with pen and paper just like regular, hard-working American people do all across this great country."

Santorum says he is still finalizing his bracket, but is "advancing teams that have traditional mascots, not showy, flamboyant, feathery birds or half-naked, muscled warrior men whose appearance is clearly trying to advance the homosexual agenda. My bracket will be a values-based bracket, just as my presidency would advance traditional values."

Newt Gingrich said that bracketology, and college basketball as a whole, needs a "fundamental transformation," but failed to offer and specifics on what such a "transformation" might entail. He also claimed that he regularly used to compete in NCAA Tournament pools with Ronald Reagan.

Libertarian candidate Ron Paul announced at a large rally that he will not fill out an NCAA Tournament bracket, but encouraged his supporters to fill out their own if they so choose. Most in the enthusiastic crowd filled out brackets with Ron Paul as the national champion.