Gus Johnson Thrown Out of Sports Bar for Yelling at Televisions

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Broadcaster Gus Johnson was asked to leave a Buffalo Wild Wings near his home in Detroit for repeatedly screaming at a wall of televisions during the opening round of the NCAA Tournament.

"It was a busy day for us here, obviously, and Mr. Johnson was disturbing the other patrons," said restaurant manager Jeff Fullman. "We asked him politely several times to calm down and he would promise to be quiet, but then a few moments later someone would make a free throw and he'd start screaming again. We finally had to call the police."

The excitable play-by-play announcer was a staple of CBS' March Madness coverage in recent years, but after his contract ran out he moved on to work with FOX Sports and the Big Ten Network.

"I'll admit that I really miss the NCAA Tournament," says Johnson. "But CBS didn't offer me what I thought I was worth and then I saw the deal from FOX and it was instantly AAAAAAAHHHHAAAHHHHHHHAAAAHHHHHHHAAAAHHHHAAAAHHHHHHH! So there really wasn't much of a decision."

Johnson apologized for causing a problem at Buffalo Wild Wings, saying he only stopped in to have lunch and watch a game or two. But when the ball was tipped for the day's opener, he flipped his table over, tore open his shirt and attempted to set the restaurant on fire using a lighter and a bottle of vodka.

"I got excited," he said. "I. AM! SORRRRRRRRRY!"

After being removed from the restaurant around 1:15 p.m., Johnson went home to watch the remainder of the day's action. Police were called to his house by neighbors at 2:48 p.m. over reports "of what sounds like a man disemboweling himself." Police left after Johnson informed him the outburst was merely over the sight of a made three-pointer.