From a Coach: Issue #20

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My high school lacrosse coach was well known among his players and students for saying stupid things from time to time. During my Junior year, we won the first state playoff game in the history of the program, which was an accomplishment that had eluded us each of the previous few years. While being interviewed after the game, coach intended to use the cliche about "Getting the monkey off our backs." Instead he said, "We finally beat the monkey" and that gem of a quote was included in the newspaper article about the game.

He also once said that FDR stood for Franklin Delaware Roosevelt.

– Shawn

I was a water boy for the high school varsity football team when I was a little kid because my dad was an assistant coach. We were on offense and it was 3rd and long and the head coach yelled, "Get me a receiver!" The next receiver in line stepped up to get the play from the coach. The coach looked at him and yelled, "Get me a real receiver!"

– Brent

We had an older coach who, without any sort of prelude or preface, liked to randomly announce that he, "killed more people than you'll ever meet in your entire life." We found out later that he used to drop napalm in Vietnam and wasn't exaggerating.

– Jeremy

My high school baseball coach was a real hard ass and he played it up as much as possible. One practice he had us working on breaking up double plays at second and he started ripping into us for sliding in "like a bunch of girls." He decided in a rage that he was going to show us how to do it and, despite the fact that he was wearing baseball shorts and smoking a cigarette, barreled into second with a hard slide.

A few moments before doing so, he had thrown his clipboard down on the ground and when he slid, happened to hit it and the metal part of the clipboard ripped open a huge gash on his shin. He got up, looked down at the blood and said, "That's nothing. Slide hard, you might bleed." Then he put his cigarette out in the blood.

The next day at practice he had stitches.

– Jameson

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