CBS Already Finished with "One Shining Moment" Montage After Duke Loss

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An annual NCAA tournament tradition is arriving a bit early this year, as CBS will unveil its trademark "One Shining Moment" montage before Saturday's games. This year's edition of the three-minute long highlight video, which usually runs following the championship game, will consist entirely of moments from Duke's loss to Lehigh on Friday night.

"Over the years we've always taken into consideration what the fans like to see in our 'One Shining Moment' video, and year after year they tell us they want to see more of Duke losing," said CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus. "So with that in mind, we feel like we've already got the best possible video."

Duke, just two years removed from winning the national championship, was a heavy favorite against 15 seed Lehigh, but lost, 75-70, in the Round of 64. CBS production assistants immediately rushed the "One Shining Moment" montage into production, focusing on reaction shots of Duke players and coaches during the final seconds of the game.

"I think the best part of the video is when all the Duke fans realize they're losing in the first round," said Steve Walker, a PA who helped put together the montage. "Oh, wait 'second round'. Whatever the hell they're calling it these days. Whatever. Duke didn't win a game, and it's awesome."

CBS does expect to broadcast the remainder of the NCAA Tournament, with plans to show the Duke-focused "One Shining Moment" montage after every game, regardless of which team wins.

"If we've learned anything from the ratings for 'The Big Bang Theory', it's that America loves making fun of nerds," McManus said. "And watching Duke lose over and over again is really the pinnacle of that."

CBS also announced it will be selling DVDs of the Duke loss featuring four hours of special, extended footage of the sad faces of fans, players and coaches, as well as highlights of the Blue Devils checking out of their hotel. The network hopes an initial release of 100,000 DVDs will be enough to meet demand.

"Fans' desire to celebrate humiliating Duke defeats is insatiable," said McManus. "We're doing everything we can to meet that demand, while at the same time taking the opportunity to celebrate their loss ourselves. It was so awesome."