Bill Parcells: "I will consider coaching a veteran-laden playoff team for five months in exchange for several million dollars"

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Retired NFL coach Bill Parcells is reportedly leaning towards stepping in for Sean Payton in New Orleans for the 2012 season, provided certain conditions are met.

"As long as the core of last year's 13-3 team returns, especially Drew Brees and all of those great receivers – and if it's guaranteed I would only have to show up for the start of training camp in late July through the end of the season, so the first week of February at the latest," said Parcells. "And if I am promised the going rate for an NFL head coach, which is several million dollars for a season, I will think carefully about doing a favor for Sean and coaching this team."

Payton says he is grateful that Parcells is considering the job.

"For him to even be thinking about it shows what kind of guy he is," said Payton. "But I would expect nothing less from Bill. I remember when we coached together, he would do anything for you. One time I had an appointment and needed someone to watch my kids. Now, my kids were all grown up or in college at the time. They were completely self-sufficient. But if they called the office, I wanted someone to say where I was. Anyway, Bill promised to do that for me after I gave him $700."

Brees says Parcells has talked to him already about the possibility of taking over the team for the 2012 season.

"He wanted to make sure that I understood that I would actually be the head coach and would be responsible for doing everything," said Brees. "He told me that he should not be disturbed or awakened in his office unless there is a fire at the facility or if there is some problem delaying his weekly paycheck. I thought it was a good conversation. Just like people say, Coach Parcells lays it out straight for you. I think he'd make a great coach for us."

There are reportedly still many issues that must be worked out before Parcells accepts the position, but the Saints are hoping to meet to hash them out.

"We are flying Bill down here to stay at the New Orleans Hilton for five days, all expenses paid," said Saints owner Tom Benson. "He hasn't said that he'll meet with us yet, but he's very excited about the accomodations, so I feel like that's a good sign."