8 Real, Homemade Tim Tebow Items Being Sold on Etsy.com

Item #5: Denver Broncos Tim Tebow Magical FACE Framed 9 X 11 Print Limited Edition

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Price: $19

Actual product description: "This is a tribute piece I did. I am offering just a few prints of it. Your print will arrive already framed and ready for display. It is about 9 X 11 inches and sticks out from the wall about an inch. The frame contains real glass."

Should you buy one?: No. Look, people, as the product description says, this contains real glass. What happens if Tebow's magical face shatters it? Then you have glass flying through the air. Plus, just a photograph of Tim Tebow is magical enough, thanks.

Item #6: Upcycled Tim Tebow Journal

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Price: $14

Actual product description: "The perfect journal or notebook for any Tim Tebow or Broncos fan!"

Should you buy one?: You should buy more than one and give a copy to every sports media member you come across so they can fill their Tebow journal with their thoughts about the sporting hero every night before bed. Chances are Skip Bayless already has an Upcycled Tim Tebow Journal on his bedside stand.

Item #7: I Heart Tebow Valentine Mailbox

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Price: $12

Actual product description: "Any Tebow fan would love to get this adorable Valentine. Fill it with memories and sweets. It also makes a great gift for parties as well."

Should you buy one?: Yes. Unless you already have a special box designated for your Tebow-related love notes.

Item #8: Tim Tebow Dog Sweater

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Price: $30

Actual product description: "This is a dog sweater with your favorite player's number and team colors. This sweater was made during the NFL playoffs in support of Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. We can make to fit any dog!"

Should you buy one?: If you are a Jets fan, yes. Definitely. You'll want to kick a dog at some point this season.