10 Hilarious Old-Timey Sports Ads

Red Grange Shotwell's Milk Chocolate Nut Bar

Mmmm. That nut bar sure does look tempting the way it's protruding out of his midsection there. Who wouldn't want a taste of that?

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Lou Gehrig's Mother for Royal Baked Grapefruit Pudding

It will break a son's heart to see his mother out on the street, giving her "pudding" to random passersby.

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George Mikan for Munsingwear Double-Strength Briefs

Yes, George Mikan needed double-strength briefs. It seems his spontaneous erections were even stronger than his low-post moves.

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Phil Rizzuto for Samson Folding Chairs

Samson Folding Chairs: The only folding chairs Phil Rizzuto will allow people to sit in while he demonstrates bunting on the stage of a partially-filled high school auditorium!

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Yogi Berra for Spencer Chemical Corporation

Spencer Chemical specialized in making ammonia nitrate and originally helped make weapons-grade ammonia nitrate during World War II. Obviously, when selling something that dangerous, you want to be associated with a known moron like Yogi Berra.

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