10 Hilarious Old-Timey Sports Ads

Yogi Berra and Mickey Mantle for Yoo-Hoo

No doubt Yogi Berra had a great Yogiism about his teammate fellating a kids' drink.

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Babe Ruth Underwear

In 1920s and 30s America, there wasn't a young boy alive who didn't want a pair of Babe's huge, sweaty and no doubt soiled from a night of drinking underwear.

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Ben Hogan for Coffee, Beer and Cigarettes

Ben Hogan: The Official Sponsor of Vice.

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Bob Cousy for Jantzen

"You can walk anywhere in a Jantzen" says the tagline. It gave us this ad.

Mrs. Cousy: "Hey, honey, I'm going into town. Want a ride?"

Bob Cousy: "No, thanks. I'll walk. I want to show off my long socks, high-waisted shorts and sheer, white shirt."

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Jackie Robinson for Homogenized Bond Bread

How do you sell white people on welcoming Jackie Robinson? Why, having him sell homogenized white bread, of course!

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