Transcript of the Tim Tebow-Taylor Swift Dinner Date

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Scene: An Italian restaurant in Los Angeles.
Tim: Thanks for coming to dinner with me, Taylor. You look nice.
Taylor: Thanks, Tim. You look nice, too.
Tim: Are you enjoying your spaghetti? It looks good.
Taylor: It's really good. How is your spaghetti?
Tim: Very tasty. It's a blessing to have such good and nutritious food.
Taylor: I agree. Eating is nice.
Tim: It is nice. You have a way with words. Like your song "Mean." People shouldn't be mean.
Taylor: I know, right? Mean is not nice. That's why I wrote the song, to say to everyone: 'Hey, don't be mean. Be nice.'"
Tim: Well, it's a good song.
Taylor: Thank you. And you are a good football player.
Tim: Thanks. I try hard.
Taylor: I try hard, too. I work a lot. But I like it.
Tim: I like working hard, too.
Taylor: I like that you like that. I think it's nice.
Tim: I like a lot of good things.
Taylor: Me, too! So many things are great.
Tim: I'm just thankful for all the nice and good things.
[Dessert is served.]
Tim: Mmmm. Vanilla ice cream. What a good flavor.
Taylor: I love vanilla.
Tim: How about the nice spring weather outside today? So nice.
Taylor: Definitely nice. I really like it.
Tim: You have a nice smile.
Taylor: It's so nice of you to say that. I like smiling.
Tim: Me, too. Smiling is an enjoyable thing to do.
Taylor: I'm really bored.
Tim: Me, too.
Taylor: I like that you're honest.
Tim: Yeah. Honesty is good.
Taylor: It is good. Do you want to get married?
Tim: Sure. That would be nice.
Taylor: I think it would be nice, too.