The 10 Smartest Athletes in Sports

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#10 – Pau Gasol, PF, Los Angeles Lakers

Gasol speaks three languages fluently and attended medical school in Barcelona before starting his NBA career. Plus, like Albert Einstein and many other intellectuals, he has crazy hair; his is just on the bottom of his face in the form of a neck beard.

#9 – Jeremy Lin, PG, New York Knicks undefined – Image 4

Lin graduated with a 3.1 GPA in Economics from Harvard. A 3.1 GPA may not be that impressive at many schools, but Harvard is not many schools. Had Lin played for someone like John Calipari, he would have been able to graduate with a double major in about 8 weeks.

So there's no question: Lin is smart. So smart he probably can think of a million "Lin"-based puns.

#8 – Matt Birk, C, Baltimore Ravens

Like Jeremy Lin, Matt Birk was an Economics major at Harvard. He scored 34 on his ACT and was offered a job on Wall Street before starting his NFL career. But perhaps the greatest sign of his intellectual fortitude is that he has not dropped any I.Q. points despite spending several years in the same locker room as Ray Lewis.

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#7 – George Parros – RW, Anaheim Ducks

Parros is another Harvard-educated Economics major. While playing junior hockey, he worked as a runner at the Chicago Board of Trade. He speaks three languages: English, Spanish and Mustachio.

#6 – Ross Ohlendorf, P, Boston Red Sox

Ohlendorf scored 1520 on his SAT and majored in Operations Research and Financial Engineering at Princeton, graduating with a 3.8 GPA. During his major league career, he has interned in the offseason at the U.S. Department of Agriculture where he worked on a cost-benefit analysis of a program that traces disease in livestock and its effect on farmers. Impressive stuff. Even more impressive? After going 1-11 in in 21 starts with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2010, he actually won his arbitration case after the season. No, really. He did.