The 10 Players at Every NFL Combine

6. The Sleeper

Why is this guy The Sleeper? Because some supposed "draft expert" told everyone to keep an eye on him. Why? Who the hell knows? Because supposed draft experts have to pick a "Sleeper" every year and this guy's name happened to get pulled this year.

How his career will end up: He'll get cut in training camp.

7. The In-Shape Guy

Unlike The Big Fatty, The In-Shape Guy shed 20 pounds in the month before the NFL Combine. Now this guy is a gamer! See how much he cares! See how much dedication he has! So much that he let himself get completely out-of-shape during college, only to shed his lard when money was on the line!

How his career will end up: Out of the league in two years when he gains 80 pounds after signing his first contract.

8. The Kicker/Punter

Why are kickers and punters invited to the NFL Combine? Has a punter ever not been drafted due to a poor 40 time? Why would anyone care how much a kicker can bench? Why is anyone even drafting a kicker or punter? Are they just there so the linemen have people to beat up between drills?

How his career will end up: Who cares. It's The Kicker/Punter.

9. The Injured Guy

He hurt his knee at the end of the season. He wasn't sure he'd perform at the NFL Combine, but he's here and he's ready to gut it out and answer the questions about his health. If he performs poorly, everyone will panic that his knee will forever be damaged. If he does fairly well, everyone will marvel at his courage and upside.

How his career will end up: After being drafted way too high or way too low, depending on his Combine performance, he will have a short, forgettable career — completed unrelated to injury.

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10. The Wonderlic Moron

Several days after all the workouts have ended, the results of the Wonderlic intelligence exam will trickle out. No one will pay attention to who got the highest score. Instead, we will out wait to mock the idiot who came in dead-last, especially if he's a quarterback. Ha! Your muscles are big, but your brain is small!

How his career will end up: Wildly successful. It turns out that size, speed, strength and instincts are more important on a football field than being book smart. Really! But, yeah, if the NFL Combine was about finding the best future doctors or attorneys, this guy would be totally screwed. At least we can take solace in knowing that while he'll be rich and famous, he'll always be dumb. So dumb he probably can't even count up to 50 million — the amount of dollars he'll make in his career. What a loser!