The 10 Biggest Flash-in-the-Pan Athletes in Sports History

5. Timmy Smith undefined – Image 4

A 5th Round draft pick out of Texas Tech in 1987, Smith rushed for only 126 yards as a rookie. But that's not counting the 204 yards and two touchdowns he put up in the Super Bowl at the end of that season. Smith would rush for only 476 more yards in the rest of his career.

Where is he now?: Free. Smith got out of federal prison in 2008 after serving more than two years for selling cocaine to an undercover officer. He probably had some big games against the guards, though.

4. Mike Eruzione

Eruzione was the captain of the 1980 "Miracle On Ice" team and scored the game-winning goal against the Soviet Union. Age 25 at the time, his only other experience was playing at Boston University and for the Toledo Goaldiggers of the now-defunct IHL. He retired from the sport after the Olympics.

Where is he now?: Anywhere you want him to be if you'll give him a few bucks for an autograph.

3. Upset

Man o' War was considered the greatest thoroughbred of all-time. He lost only one race in his career and it was to Upset at the 1919 Sanford Memorial Stakes. Upset never had another significant win on the racetrack.

Where is he now?: Who knows. Possibly holding together the seams of the device you're reading this on.

2. Bobo Holloman undefined – Image 2

In Ava Lee "Bobo" Holloman's first career start in 1953 as a 29 year-old rookie, he pitched a no-hitter against the Philadelphia A's. Less than three months later, Holloman was out of the majors and never returned.

Where is he now?: Holloman died in 1987. It's good he didn't pitch in modern times, because the "Bobo no-no" headlines would be unbearable.

1. Buster Douglas

Buster Douglas was nearly 30 years-old and had a career record of 29-4-1 when he entered his heavyweight championship fight against undefeated Mike Tyson in 1990 as a 42-to-1 underdog. Ten rounds later, he was the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

Eight months and two days later, he was no longer the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world because Evander Holyfield beat the crap out of him in three rounds in Douglas' first title defense. Douglas didn't fight again for six more years and was never relevant again in the sport.

Where is he now?: Starring in the worst commercial of all-time …