Rockies Giving Jamie Moyer an Opportunity to Die Doing What He Loves

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Veteran pitcher Jamie Moyer is in spring training with the Colorado Rockies after missing all of the 2011 season to undergo Tommy John surgery on his pitching elbow. Moyer has played 25 seasons in the major leagues with nine different teams and will turn 50 this year.

"I love baseball and I want to do it for as long as I can," says Moyer.

Rockies general manager Dan O'Dowd is hoping to fulfill Moyer's wish.

"Baseball isn't just about wins and losses," says O'Dowd. "You can also help people and make dreams come true. If we can give Jamie the opportunity to die on the mound, I would be incredibly proud of that."

Moyer believes he still has several years to live, but admits that there's no way to really know.

"I'm definitely not young anymore. I have lived most of my life," he said. "Some people love golf or music or sex and want to go doing one of those. I love baseball. That's how I want to go. I'd like to stick around in this world as long as I can, but sure — if I get some guy on the Astros to ground out in our season opener, the urge to just let myself pass may be too great to resist."

For the good of the team, O'Dowd admits wishing that Moyer dies during spring training.

"Jamie reminds me of my grandfather. I want to help the old guy out," says O'Dowd. "But putting an elderly man who just had surgery on our major league roster would be bad for the team. Thankfully, based on how he looks out there, I don't think he has more than a week or two to live."