Randy Moss: "I still have a desire to make millions of dollars"

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Former NFL receiver Randy Moss has announced that he plans to return to the NFL in 2012. Moss last played for three NFL teams two years ago and posted career lows in catches and reception yards. But after a year away from the game, Moss — now 35 years-old — said "the fire still burns" to "make millions and millions of dollars and be very wealthy."

"Being away from the game this past season was tough," he said. "I'd check my bank account and there wouldn't be any six-figure sums deposited into it. That's when I knew that I loved football."

The former Vikings, Raiders, Patriots, Vikings again and Titans receiver says he wants to make the most of his abilities while he still can.

"God gives you certain gifts and it's up to you to make the most money as possible off of them," said Moss. "I don't want to look back 10 years from now, broke and think: 'Damn, I could've made another $15 million had I stuck around.' Those are the kind of regrets that stick with a man. Especially because teams have always been willing to pay me a lot of money even though I barely even try out on the field. It was an easy choice. I do almost nothing and get rich. It's found money. Oh, and the love of football and stuff."

Moss admitted the recent reports of Terrell Owens' financial problems also prompted his "realization that I miss football."

"Not having any money really stokes your hunger for the game," said Moss. "Also, actual hunger. I traded a 2008 Mercedes yesterday for a pizza. I only have 24 cars left. It's time to get back on the field."