Peyton Manning Spends All Day on His Swing Set After Being Cleared to Play

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Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning spent all day playing yesterday after getting the all-clear from doctors that his injured neck has healed.

"Anyone who knows Peyton or watches his commercials or has seen him do 'Saturday Night Live' knows that he's just a kid at heart," said Olivia Manning, Peyton's mother. "So not being allowed to play these last months has really been hard on him. There's only so many times a boy can watch 'Transformers' and 'Iron Man.'"

After receiving a call from the doctor who had most recently checked his neck confirming his health, Peyton yelled out: "WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!" and immediately dropped the phone and ran into his backyard. He did a series of cartwheels, then went up and down his sliding board, enjoyed his swing for a few minutes, flew a kite, kicked a kickball around and then spent several minutes in his sandbox.

Olivia Manning said Peyton continued playing well into the evening when it got dark and she called him in for dinner.

"Even then he didn't want to come in," said Olivia. "And I didn't have a problem with that. I put his plate in the refrigerator and said he could keep playing. Around bedtime I looked out and he was sound asleep on the ground at the bottom of his slide. All that playing completely tuckered him out."

According to his mother, Peyton plans to call some of his friends tomorrow to see if they want to play football.