50,000 Jets Fans Line the Streets of Manhattan to Give Giants Parade the Finger

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A huge crowd filled the streets of Manhattan today as the New York Giants paraded through the city to celebrate their fourth Super Bowl championship.

The Giants were met with shouts of "You suck!", "I hate you!", "Die in a fire, a-holes!" and much worse during their several hours atop parade floats.

The Super Bowl XLVI champions also received many cheers of support from the New Yorkers lining the streets, but as NYPD commissioner Raymond Kelly explained, "angry drunks are much louder than happy drunks. So all the Jets fans drowned out the Giants fans. As you can imagine, Jets fans are pretty angry."

After reaching the AFC Championship Game each of the past two seasons, Jets head coach Rex Ryan predicted a Super Bowl title for his team in 2011. But the Jets missed the playoffs and saw their hometown rival Giants win their second title in five years.

"Get AIDS, Eli!" yelled Jets owner Woody Johnson when the parade float carrying Giants quarterback Eli Manning passed by. "I hope your neck breaks off, too, just like your ugly, choking brother!", he added as he hurled a brick at the Super Bowl MVP.

Despite the many Jets fans at the parade, the Giants players and coaches say they still enjoyed the day.

"When you're getting hit with beer cups full of urine all morning, it's even better to see the face of a smiling Giants fan," said Manning. "You appreciate it even more."

The NYPD estimated there were nearly 100,000 people along the course of the parade — but 150,000 if you consider Jets fans to be people.