Prince Fielder’s Agent Scrambling to Get Him a Contract Before He Comes Out of Hibernation

Scott Boras, the agent for free agent first baseman Prince Fielder, has been feverishly working the phones in recent days in hopes of getting his client a contract before Fielder emerges from his long, offseason slumber.

"In late October, when the season is over and it starts getting cold, Prince heads into his cave to hibernate," said Boras. "There he sleeps and lives off of all the stored up fat in his body. Before he crawled in there this year, I promised him he'd have a huge contract waiting for him when he emerged."

Boras says he is starting to get nervous because Fielder could come out of his winter slumber within a week or two and will have a huge appetite requiring money for food.

"Due to when baseball season ends and when spring training starts, his hibernation schedule is a little ahead of most other bears," said Boras. "He's usually out of his cave by mid-January. And he's very cranky when he emerges. I need to get a contract soon or I could easily be mauled."

In recent days, Boras has been talking about contract specifics with the Washington Nationals in hopes of getting Fielder a new deal.

"We're close," said Boras. "We've pretty much agreed on the years and money, but they need to accept certain insurance issues that come with employing a large, wild animal and also accept our demands as far as the size of his pen, feeding schedule and access to fresh water."

Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo says he is working with officials from DC's nearby National Zoo to finalize the deal.

"We know he'd be a great fit in our lineup, we just need to make sure we also create the right locker room environment and habitat for him to succeed," he said.