David Tyree Quits His Job at Best Buy to Take Advantage of His Last Week of Fame

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Former New York Giants wide receiver David Tyree failed to show up for work on Monday afternoon at the Best Buy in Paterson, N.J., because he was scheduled to appear on a local sports radio show in Peoria, Ill.

"You have to strike while the iron is hot," said Tyree, who hasn't caught an NFL pass since his "helmet catch" helped the Giants upset the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. "I learned that here at Best Buy. If a new line of phones come out, you sell them fast before something newer comes out."

Tyree's failure to show for work on Monday disappointed his shift manager, Kenny Gregson, who said he is glad all of his employees don't quit to go celebrate their smallest athletic achievements.

"First of all, I highly doubt he's some Super Bowl hero from four years ago," said Gregson. "If he was, he'd still be playing in the NFL and definitely wouldn't be working here. Plus, he supposedly caught one pass on his head? Big deal. I caught two touchdown passes in freshman football in high school, yet I showed up for work today, didn't I? It's dedication like this that earned me shift manager for the closing crew."

In order to afford the trip out to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl, Tyree has sold much of the electronic equipment he purchased at Best Buy with his employee discount.

"I'm even hoping to get into the game, but that will happen only if one of my old teammates gets me a ticket," said Tyree.

So far the former Giants receiver hasn't had any luck in that department.

"I asked Eli [Manning] for a ticket, but he said he couldn't give them away to strangers," said Tyree. "I probably shouldn't have been wearing my Best Buy polo when I went up to him at the team hotel. I'm sure he would have recognized me without it."

For the rest of the week, Tyree says he plans to walk around Indianapolis wearing his old Giants jersey. He also plans to glue a football to his head.