Tom Brady and Wes Welker Drunkenly Make Out at Patriots Holiday Party

The New England Patriots held their annual holiday party last night and the talk of the franchise this morning is the scene at the center of the dance floor late in the evening in which Tom Brady and Wes Welker were all hands and tongues.

"That's always the risk at a holiday party," said Patriots owner Robert Kraft. "There's free alcohol and everyone is blowing off the stress of the year. This isn't the first time it's happened and it won't be the last. Tom and Wes will just have to talk to HR to make sure everything was consensual and then we'll go from there."

While Brady and Welker's grope-fest is the topic du jour around the team water cooler, no one on the team says their actions were much of a surprise.

"Those two have worked closely together for years and no one can deny they have amazing chemistry," said linebacker Jerod Mayo. "Things happen. I know sometimes I've briefly thought about doing it with my position coach or a defensive linemen. It's natural in a work environment. I just hope Tom and Wes can move on from it and what happened doesn't make the workplace environment awkward for everyone."

Kraft said other issues have come up at past Patriots holiday parties and he doesn't expect the Brady-Welker make-out session to cause a problem.

"Drew Bledsoe and Terry Glenn made out at the 1998 party and they were fine," said Kraft. "And there have been several years in which Bill [Belichick] has beaten an intern to death in front of everyone. It's no big deal."

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski says he is happy that Brady and Welker were seen by everyone.

"I'm glad they created a distraction and are what everyone is talking about," he said. "Because when they were making out, I was having an orgy in the coat room with, like, 12 player wives. I don't want that to get out. Not until I tweet out a picture of it."