The Worst Sports Gift You Ever Received: Issue #2

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When I was in high school, my grandmother decided it would be a great idea to get me an Indiana University short-sleeve cheerleading sweater. It was also size XXL and went down past my knees. Not exactly an ideal gift for a 130-pound, 15 year-old boy. Or really any human. When I asked her why, she said, "because you love the Colts."

That same Christmas, Grandma got my fashionable sister a puffy BYU Cougars coat. My Grandma thought the 'Y' stood for Yale. No one in my family went to Yale. It was in the Goodwill dumpster a week later.

– Ryan

I'm a lifelong diehard Cubs fan and Louisville Cardinals fan. Three years ago, I was surprised to see that my older brother had not one, but two Christmas gifts for me under the tree. I opened the first one to find a UK (University of Kentucky) hooded sweatshirt. Surely, he is messing with me. Go to open the second one, a St. Louis Cardinals New Era hat. WTF.

Saddest part about all of this, it wasn't a joke. He thought I would like them. I returned the UK sweatshirt asap and re-gifted the same hat to him the next year. Needless to say, we would have our asses handed to us on Family Feud.

– Dustin

My dad has been a high school football coach my whole life, so when I was in elementary school the default present anyone ever got me was a Nerf football.

– Travis

One year for my birthday my parents went to Walmart and got me a Peerless Price Falcons jersey. The jersey felt like a potato sack and just had Price's name and a Falcons helmet on it.

– Nathan

I've been into hockey since I was a little kid. One year my mom told my grandmother this and Grandma excitedly gave me a box to open. I tore open the package, opened up the box and found a brand new, shiny pair of skates inside. Figure skates. White figure skates. "For hockey!" Grandma said. I never wore them, because I doubt Grandma wanted her grandson to be beaten to death on the ice.

– Kurt

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