The Worst Sports Gift You Ever Received: Issue #1

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By accident, my parents once gave me (a Buffalo Bills fan) a box with nothing inside of it for Christmas, forgetting to put a gift in. I laughed & sarcastically claimed, "I love it!"

Without missing a beat, my dad (a Giants fan) said, "We thought you would. It's a replica Jim Kelly Super Bowl ring." I stopped laughing.

– Andrew

For Christmas in 2006, all I wanted was a Brian Urlacher jersey to wear in case the Bears went to the Super Bowl in 2007. Instead, on Christmas morning, I unwrapped a men's XXL #30 Mike Brown jersey. I'm a girl. It was like a tent on me. But since my parents couldn't find any jerseys in my size, let alone an Urlacher one, they bought the M.Brown jersey and got me matching orange leggings so I could wear it as a dress.

– Jami

One year a received a USED basketball hoop hamper. The NBA team logos were faded and out of date. This was around the time when the Sixers, Pistons, etc. were updating their logos. Also the Bullets were on there. This is besides the fact that it was a used hamper.

I also got a orange hair dryer that year even though: a) I'm a boy; b) my head was shaved.

I obviously didn't grow up very wealthy.

– Ryan

I'm a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan. My grandma once tried to get me a Todd Pinkston jersey. Enough said.

– Angelo

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