The 25 Scrappiest Athletes of All-Time

20. Rajon Rondo

Thin and feisty, Rondo has shown a willingness to play through injuries, including a disgusting dislocated elbow. He's also quite athletic, but when you play in Boston on a team that also includes Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett and you're only 6-foot-1 … scrappy it is!


19. Wayne Chrebet

Chrebet was an undersized, white, possession receiver who came out of a I-AA football program to put up a few solid seasons in a major market with the Jets. That's good for one's scrappy stock. Even better: playing with Keyshawn Johnson, whose moody, selfish half-assery made everyone around him look they were giving 110-percent.

18. Tyler Hansbrough

A muscled 6-foot-9, 250 pounds of … scrap? You better believe it. Why? Because if you're white and always out of breath and your eyes constantly say I'M TRYING SO HARD RIGHT NOW, YOU GUYS!, you're a first ballot inductee into the Scrappy Hall of Fame.

17. Allen Iverson

He was a 6-foot, 165-pound point guard who single-handedly took his team to the NBA Finals while repeatedly getting knocked to the ground along the way. That's historic scrappiness. But his anti-practice stance probably hurt him in the voting. As did the fact that none of his tattoos say SCRAPPY, HEART or GRIT.

16. Kerri Strug

The only female on the list, she gutted through an ankle injury in the vault to help the U.S. win gold at the 1996 Olympics. And while there are a lot of short athletes on this list, none of them can compete with female gymnasts, who max out at 2-foot-9 thanks to the lack of puberty.

15. Hines Ward

Being a reliable possession receiver who is known as much for blocking as pass-catching is a pretty good item to put on the scrappy resume. If only he had never been on "Dancing with the Stars," he probably would have made the Top 10. The samba is far from scrappy.

14. Spud Webb

A 5-foot-7 NBA player??? MAJOR SCRAPPY POINTS! Who is so athletic he can win the NBA Slam Dunk Competition. MAJOR SCRAPPY POINT DEDUCTION!!!

13. Muggsy Bogues

A fitting place for Muggsy Bogues. Four inches shorter than Webb and without a slam dunk title, he towered over his tiny contemporary when it came to scrappiness. Muggsy, if you can hear us down there, we all admired you. WE SAID WE ALL ADMIRED YOU! Ah, never mind.

12. Oscar Pistorius

The dude has no legs and he is a legit sprinter. Suck it, Mordecai. Zero Legs Pistorius > Three Finger Brown. And you may think that benefitting from technology is cheating, but you should remember: a) Pistorius HAS NO GODDAM LEGS!; and b) his metal legs are probably made from literal scraps.

11. John McEnroe

The highest ranked tennis player on the list, McEnroe would likely bitch and moan about not being higher. And if the angry, little, Afro'd man would have been a bit more humble during his career like a true scrapper, he probably would have been.