Nuggets Sign Tim Tebow to Play PG: "We’re not concerned by his apparent lack of basketball skills"

The Denver Nuggets made perhaps the biggest acquisition of the NBA's post-lockout offseason today by signing Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow to a 5-year, $80 million contract to be the team's new point guard.

"Winners are winners and sports are sports," said Masai Ujiri, Nuggets vice president of basketball operations. "We are confident Tim Tebow's intangibles will translate onto the basketball court."

Tebow has little basketball experience and hasn't played the sport competitively since he was a teenager. Yet Ujiri and Nuggets head coach George Karl were impressed by Tebow in a brief workout yesterday at the Pepsi Center.

"His shot looked awkward and very inaccurate," said Karl. "In fact, watching him practice made me both angry and nauseous. John Fox tells me that means that magic is right around the corner."

Once the Broncos season ends, Tebow will step in and replace Ty Lawson and Andre Miller as the Nuggets' point guard. He will also give the Nuggets a true superstar in superstar-driven league.

"If need be, I plan to adapt our offense to fit Tim's skill set," said Karl. "I've already been scouting some of the top biddy basketball teams in the country to see how they play. You can learn a lot from 8 year-olds."

Tebow says he is excited for his next challenge.

"You never know where God's path will lead you," he said. "But I'm a competitive person and I will work my hardest every day to learn how to … dribble? Is that the word? Yes? I plan to work hard to learn how to dribble."