NFL’s New Tebow of the Year Award to Honor the Most Tebow Player

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell stood alongside Tim Tebow today at a press conference at Denver's Sports Authority Field to announce the creation of the league's new Tebow of the Year Award, which will be awarded annually to the most Tebow player in the NFL.

"There has been some talk lately about Tim being a contender for league MVP," said Goodell before the gathered media. "And that might just happen. But Most Valuable Player doesn't really capture all that Tim Tebow is. He's kind of like the MVP, combined with the NFL Man of the Year, combined with … I don't know … America. So I felt it was best to create a separate award in his honor that would go to the the player who exhibits the most Tebow-like characteristics. So we have – it's the Tebow of the Year Award."

The commissioner was asked how a "Tebow-like" player would be determined.

"Well, first, I think we can all agree that there is no equal to Tim Tebow in football or in any other sport or walk of life," said the commissioner. "That's why I saw no reason to wait until he retires to name an award after him. If it was inevitable, why the wait? But back to your question, there's really no way to measure what a Tebow-like quality is or is not. But to quote Justice Stewart on the issue of pornography — no offense, Tim — 'I know it when I see it.' It's like that on the football field. Sometimes you see something happen, like a team winning a game or something, and you think: 'That was so Tebow right there.'"

Each of the 32 NFL teams will nominate their most Tebow player and then the winner will be determined — 40-percent of the outcome will come from online votes and 60-percent from prayer. Since Tebow himself will inevitably win the award every year, as he wins everything he does, the second-place finisher will be honored with the award.

"It's a great honor to have an NFL award named after me after only a handful of NFL starts. It's also very humbling," said Tebow. "This award wouldn't be possible without Jesus Christ. It is my hope that the Tebow of the Year Award can motivate really awful football players throughout the NFL to be surprisingly good."