From a Coach: Issue #14

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In my junior year of high school hockey, we were going through a little losing streak so our head coach had the idea of taking us out to a pond to practice. The idea was that he was going to take us to the roots of hockey to help us remember our fundamentals. It was actually a pretty good idea.

All went well until he took about 5 steps onto the ice and then fell through. I guess we sort of got a team-building exercise out of it as we helped fish him out.

– Max

In high school, my basketball coach got angry really fast and caused some things he said to not make sense. One practice a kid committed a hard foul and smacked the kid in the face. My coach then proceeded to yell "I swear Devon, if you slap another kid I'm going to smack your ass. I'm": going to smack your ass so hard." We all died laughing and he made us run the rest of practice.

– Jacob

I love the coach feature on SportsPickle, but I am positive I have the greatest coach story ever told. High school basketball. We're losing by 12 at the half to the only winless team in our conference. Coach is pissed. We come into the locker room, he stares us all down and then says: "Come with me." He leads everyone into a large janitor's closet across the locker room. He pulls on the light, shuts the door and stares us all down again. Then he rips a huge, loud, smelly fart, leaves and closes the door. "Breathe that in! That smell is what you guys are playing like!" he yelled through the door. "You want to play like shit, then you're going to have to smell it." Yes, he Dutch closeted us.

– Dylan

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