Brian Wilson the Most Googled By Himself Athlete of 2011

Google continues to roll out its most-searched for names and terms of 2011, announcing today that San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson Googled his own name more than any other athlete or person in the world.

"He was actually the 5th most Googled person in the world in 2011, but 99.4 percent of the 24.4 million searches were by Brian himself, so we disqualified him from the overall rankings," said Google spokesman Jeff Brunswick.

In addition to Googling "Brian Wilson", Wilson frequently searched for "Brian Wilson is so cool", "Brian Wilson is hilarious", "Brian Wilson + beard + funniest thing ever". However, those searches usually came back with no results.

Wilson says winning the title of most-Googled by himself for 2011 proves just how awesome and hilarious he is.

"It's like black ops, dude," he said, pointing to his beard and then making a weird expression with his face. After that was met with 20 to 30 seconds of silence by everyone in the room, he said "I have a large beard!" before walking out, getting hit with a thrown tomato on the way.

Wilson was also the most Binged by himself athlete in 2011, and was also recognized as the only person who uses Bing.

"I use less mainstream search engines sometimes," said Wilson. "I'm just that much of a character."