The Gym: Issue #19

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My gym has the typical meathead element and one day the meatheads were there maxing on the bench and squat. Before every guy went, they'd yell "GO BIG OR GO HOME!" at each other and then slap the guy in the face or punch him in the chest. This went on all through the bench and continued into their squat maxes.

When one of the last guys did his squat max, they did the GO BIG OR GO HOME thing and he started his squat with, I don't even know — a ton of weight on the bar. Plate after plate after plate. As he starts squatting back up, he's yelling out GO … BIG … OR … and his right knee blew out. Grotesquely. He was down screaming in pain for 5 minutes. Then I think he did go home. Or to the hospital. Either way, his meathead friends helped him out of the gym.

– Mike

I belong to a local gym. It's not a national chain like Golds Gym or Bally's. So they do all of their advertising and signage and stuff. A few weeks ago I got a mass mail flier in the mail from the gym advertising their fall rates. There was a picture of a fit woman's torso in workout gear and the tagline "Show The World Your True Self". You know, show people your best self, your best body. Not a bad flier at all. Except right below the text that went across the woman's torso was her crotch. With very very noticeable camel-toe. She was truly showing herself.

I guess it pays to pay for outside photography and advertising help.

– Wil

My younger brother is a personal trainer. He's 24, handsome and obviously in good shape. Apparently older, divorced women believe that "personal trainer" is code word for "male prostitute." He routinely is propositioned by older women at the gym. He said at first it was funny, but now it's uncomfortable. The worst instance came his second week on the job when he was trying to show a woman in her late 40s an ab workout. She said: "I really think this will help me f—k you better." And then she smiled at him. He said he replied: "Oh my. I'm glad I didn't hear you say that."

– Melissa

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