The Game: Issue #15

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I got tickets to a Mets game this year through work. They were pretty good seats, about a dozen or so rows up off the third base line. There was a guy in the front row just riding the umps from the moment we sat down. He was yelling stuff like "CAN'T YOU SEE?" and "ARE YOU IDIOTS BLIND OR WHAT?" Even after plays that really weren't that close. Around the 5th inning he got up and turned around and we could see his face for the first time. He was blind. Funniest fan ever.

– Max

I went to the Cardinals-Rams game last year. At halftime I went to use the bathroom. There was a long line, but especially to the stalls because one of the toilets clogged. This was a week after Derek Anderson's postgame blowup. The janitor guy comes into the bathroom, opens the stall door takes a look at the situation and loudly says to everyone: "Don't worry, everyone. I take this shit serious." The whole bathroom broke up laughing.

– David

My uncle is the long-time public address announcer for his local high school's basketball team. He told me this story about the time he announced a player into the game — a guy who usually rode the bench. As he's finishing the name: "Into the game for the Eagles, John Smith" … he still had the talk button pressed down and the team's scorer stupidly says: "Why is he playing?" It got picked up by the microphone and everyone in the gym heard it. That obviously caused an awkward silence in that gym that was finally followed by someone yelling "Because he's good!" Then everyone applauded.

– Ben

The funniest moment of my high school career came my senior year when my school's basketball team went to the state playoffs. Their success got the student body really excited and we'd fill a couple busses up with students to go to all the games. Our school's hard-ass principal always went to the games, too, to make sure we didn't misbehave and make the school look bad.

In our 2nd round game the score was tied with a minute remaining and we got screwed on a call. We started chanting "Bull-shit! Bull-shit! Bull-shit!" And then I remembered the principal. I looked over beside the student section and there he was standing … saying "Bull-shit! Bull-shit! Bull-shit!" He saw me looking and just kind of shrugged.

– Rachel

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