The 15 Greatest Red-Headed Athletes of All-Time


#15 – Brian Scalabrine

Why does the list only go to 15? Because if you’re running 15 “athletes” and you get to Brian Scalabrine at 15, can the people after him really be considered athletes? No. The answer is “no”.

#14 – Jason Garrett

Garrett threw for 2,042 yards in an 8-year NFL career from 1993 to 2000. Today he is the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. As the saying goes: “Those who can’t do (sports because they have red hair), teach.”

#13 – Matt Bonner

Honest, it starts getting better soon. Sort of.

#12 – Jim Schoenfeld

Schoenfeld was the 5th overall pick in the 1972 NHL Draft and played 14 seasons in the league, totaling 255 points as a defenseman. He later became an NHL head coach. Fun Fact: the NHL probably adopted its mandatory helmet rule because no one wanted to look at Schoenfeld’s hair.

#11 – Andy Dalton

Dalton started four years at TCU and holds more than a dozen school records, including wins, touchdown passes, passing yards and most sunburns. He has had an impressive rookie season for the Bengals and plays with a lot of heart, even though he doesn’t have a soul.

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