Oklahoma State Teammates Not Getting Any of Brandon Weeden’s Early 2000s Pop Culture References

Brandon Weeden's Oklahoma State teammates appreciate their quarterback's contributions on the field, but most say they find the 28 year-old lame and kind of annoying off the field.

"Brandon gave me a ride home after practice the other day and I came up with a reason to get out halfway there. I said I had to go to the library," said receiver Justin Blackmon. "He was playing something he said was a rapper named 50 Cent or something? I don't know. It reminded me of the old Boyz II Men CDs my grandmother used to play."

Weeden has tried to find ways to bridge the generation gap between himself and his teammates, and has regularly invited teammates over to hang out at his apartment.

"If we're going to achieve our goal of winning a national championship, we need to be a cohesive unit on the field and off," said Weeden. "That's why I've invited everyone over on Friday night to play my 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' DVD game. It's pretty awesome."

The quarterback says he has posted the party information on his MySpace page.

Yet while Weeden is trying to bond with his teammates, he says he feels more in common with his coaches.

"I quoted a line from 'Arrested Development' the other day in the locker room, and all my teammates just stared at me. I heard one guy say 'F—ing weirdo.' But Mike Gundy really laughed. He gets me. He gave me his personal beeper number and everything."

Weeden says he also likes spending time with his coaches because "they talk to me more than to just ask me to buy beer for them."