NFL Postgame Quotes as Poetry

"Believe" by Tim Tebow

This is a special team,
a special team
when you have a bunch of guys
that when things aren't going good
we get closer instead of pulling apart.
The No. 1 reason we are like that
is because we believe in each other,
we believe

"Springboard" by Ron Rivera

This is something we can build off of,
use as a springboard as we go forward
It's not where you are now
it's where you're headed.

"My Brother John" by Jim Harbaugh

There's a saying that says,
'As iron sharpens iron,
so does one man sharpen another,'
And I have to say my brother John
is the sharpest iron
I've ever encountered

"Ruined" by Dominic Raiola

It really does ruin the holiday
You put so much into this
and to go out there and lay an egg
like that, it's disappointing.
My day's ruined.

"The Reason" by LeSean McCoy

I thought I'd touch the ball a little bit more
Just knowing about their defense,
they're not really good against the run.
But I don't ever judge the calls.
We made some plays down the field early,
I guess that was the reason why.

"What Team's All About" by Ben Roethlisberger

It's a mixed feeling type of thing:
You're happy to get the win,
but you're disappointed the way the offense played.
I think that's what team's all about.

"Trouble" by Tom Coughlin

We didn't stop them.
How much further explanation do you want?
We prepared well,
but when we got in the game
we didn't cover well.
When we don't get to the passer,
we have trouble.

"Responsibility" by Andy Reid

It's all of our faults
We all have responsibility here,
and I'm not pointing to anybody.
I start with myself
and that's where I'm at right now.