From a Coach: Issue #13

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My high school basketball coach was know for being really good at getting the most out of his players. I was in a slump shooting the ball. He pulls me aside and says, "Son, I know your struggle but confidence comes from here (points to my heart) not here (points to my head). And I know you have a lot of heart." I said, "Coach that doesn't make any sense." He responded, "Think about it."

That game i made 6 three pointers and broke my slump. After the game he said, "I'm glad you understand now."

I still doesn't make sense to me.

– Chris

My high school basketball coach was pretty laid back for a basketball coach. But if stuff built up, he would suddenly come out with a curse word or some cutting remark. Usually it was to us players on the team, but one game my senior year we were getting really jobbed by the refs. Just cheap foul after cheap foul. As the ref is reporting another call to the scorer, our coach says to him calmly: "What are these calls for?" And the ref says: "You guys are playing too rough." And without skipping a beat, my coach said: "Well, your wife is okay with it." Nothing happened. I think the ref was too shocked to T him up.

– Jon

First day of baseball practice my freshman year, our coach, a chubby guy, decides to give us some pointers on hitting to the opposite field. He steps into the batters box and on the third swing, the snaps on his baseball shorts explode open from the pressure of his body twisting. He laughed, snapped them back up and said: "But the biggest key to success is not being a fatass like me." We all lost it.

– Tyler

I was the fat kid on the football team, which my football head coach always reminded me of. It seemed like his favorite thing to do was to tell me how I disappointed him — in-between yelling rants at me. I have not seen him in 15 years and by chance some friends found a website featuring my old coach in his new career: body building. I found a link to his own website which had his email and, on a whim, decided to see if he would remember me. He sent me back an email calling me by his old nickname for me and asked me if I was still fat, to which I replied that I still was. He only sent one more email after that. It only had the one line: "I'm disappointed in you".

– Jim

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