Authorities Narrow List of Suspects in Mike McQueary Threatening to Everyone in the World

Penn State receivers coach Mike McQueary will miss the team's home game on Saturday due to threats he has received due to his role in a child rape scandal. State College, PA, police say they are working on a list of suspects.

"Currently, we think everyone in the world had a pretty good motive to threaten Mike McQueary with bodily harm," said Dale McConnell, State College police chief. "This is a guy who witnessed a child being raped by a grown man and did almost nothing about it. So, yeah, we currently have about 7 billion suspects. Now I guess it's just about going door-to-door and making phone calls to narrow down the list."

McConnell says he is also a suspect in the case.

"As you can imagine, as a human being, this whole scandal has filled me with immense sadness and rage," said the police chief. "There was a brief period yesterday where I blacked out in a fit of rage and may have called Mike and told him I want nothing more than to pistol whip him. Although I'm pretty sure it was Jerry Sandusky I called then. I guess I'll check the phone records."

Among the list of suspects in the case are the inmates at nearby Rockview state prison.

"I hear a lot of our prisoners have been using their one call to call Sandusky, McQueary and Graham Spanier and threaten them," said warden Leonard Grippe. "We deal with the dregs of society at this prison, but even they have standards. I think this shows they're still human and have hope for the future."

State College Police say the case is a priority.

"This is a society of laws. Like it or not, you can't go around threatening people," said McConnell. "So I've reported this to my boss. I guess we'll see where it goes from there. Nothing I can do now."