25 Signs That Your Fantasy Team Sucks

*1.* You snatched up Peyton Manning when he fell into the 2nd Round.

2. You were confident that Chris Johnson would be motivated to prove that he deserves his new contract.

3. You were confident that Desean Jackson would be motivated to prove that he deserves a new contract.

4. Your best point total for the year is the week you forgot to set your lineup.

5. Sometimes you wonder if your team would be in playoff contention if you had only picked up Matt Moore off the waiver wire.

6. Reggie Bush is one of your most productive players.

7. Beyond your kicker, you're not sure who your other three keepers are for next year.

8. You lost to the guy in your league who stopped managing his team weeks ago and has a starting lineup full of injured and bye week players.

9. Your entire team's point total routinely loses to Aaron Rodgers.

10. You watch Monday Night Football in hopes your tight end or kicker can score 74 points.

11. You watch Monday Night Football in hopes your opponent's starting wide receiver might fumble 8 times.

12. You put in a waiver claim for John Skelton.

13. You always try to pick up the Team Defense that is playing against your quarterback.

14. You wish you had been the guy who drafted Tim Tebow in the final round as a joke.

15. Heck, you wish you had drafted Tim Tebow in the first round seriously.

16. No one in your league has offered you a trade all year because you don't have any desirable players.

17. You've started to fill your roster with players from your favorite team, because if you're going to lose, you may as will do it rooting them on.

18. You actually caught yourself clicking on a fantasy football advice column.

19. You have a Redskin.

20. You have an Eagle and it's not LeSean McCoy.

21. Several of the starters on your fantasy team are not starters on their actual NFL team.

22. In recent weeks, you've found yourself watching football just for the enjoyment of the game alone.

23. You are very productive at work and have gotten a raise and a promotion.

24. You spent more than 10 minutes preparing for your draft.

25. You've already e-mailed the people in your league to see if they're interested in doing an NBA fantasy league.