Rex Ryan Boldly Predicts He Won’t be Fired Before the End of the Season

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan unveiled another dubious prediction today, proclaiming at his weekly press conference that "I probably, most likely, won't get shitcanned before the end of the regular season. You might laugh, but I'm confident in myself and this team."

Before the season started, Ryan predicted his team would win the Super Bowl – as he does all the time. But with the Jets sitting at 2-3 thanks to three consecutive losses, a bad quarterback and a mediocre defense, it seems more likely the Jets will finish 5-11 or 6-10 than win a championship.

"There's a school of thought — a growing school of thought — that I'm a stupid, loud-mouthed buffoon who just talks a lot and has no ability to evaluate an entire football team or address, or even see, its failings, and that I was able to fool people for a few years with bravado, but now those days are over and I have been exposed as someone who is in over his head," said Ryan. "And there's only one thing I can say about that … THE JETS ARE GOING TO WIN THE SUPER BOWL!"

Ryan said the key to his team returning to winning ways is probably remembering that they need to win some of the games before the Super Bowl parade.

"It's hard when you're the best and know you are the best," he said. "Having to play teams like the Raiders or Ravens or Patriots — well, it's kind of disrespectful in a way. When's the last time any of them won a Super Bowl? We won one in 2011."

Even if Ryan does lose his job, he says his predictions won't change.

"I'll play hypotheticals — let's say I do get fired and I'm forced to take a job as a high school coach in New Jersey," said Ryan. "I'll still predict that we'll win the Super Bowl. I'm that confident in my abilities. And a high school team winning the Super Bowl seems as likely to me as the Jets winning the Super Bowl. No one can disagree with me on that one."