From a Coach: Issue #10

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My sophomore year I was wrestling a senior that would eventually place 4th in the state. He was having his way with me and I wasn't sure what move he was throwing. So as I am trying to keep from getting turned I looked over to my coach and asked, "What's he doing to me?" My coach responded by yelling in his raspy voice, "What's he doing to you? What's he doing to you? … He's KILLING you!"

– Brad

My senior year of high school I was on the track team. At the end of the season we had the conference championships, which happened to fall the morning after prom. During the last practice our coach gathered the whole track team and gave us a final speech. He mentions the prom being tonight and says: "Be smart guys, whatever you do, DON'T get caught drinking!" To which our assistant coach asks: "Don't you mean DON'T DRINK?!?!"

– Paul

After our first "Under the Lights" in-squad scrimmage of the year in high school football, our head coach made us run 40s afterwards because he was angry with how we played. Normal practice ended with fourteen 40s, but he made us run twenty of them.

After twenty, he was still pissed because some players looked tired and were dogging it. So he just kept making us run 40s without telling us how many more were left. After about five or six more, our assistant coach yelled out "Mike Eruzione! Winthrop, Massachusetts! I play for the United States of America!" quoting the scene in "Miracle". Because of him, we had to run five more.

– Andy

When I was a junior in high school our Hockey team was preparing for a game against a catholic school that was always a state tournament contender in Minnesota. Our assistant coach walked into the door and said: "They may have god on their side, but yous guys got me!" We lost the game and they won the state championship that year.

– Nick

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