Andy Reid: "I’ll take the blame for Andy Reid being a lousy coach"

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid stepped forward after the the Eagles latest lost and took the blame for his role in being terrible at his job.

"At the end of the day, me being awful at what I am paid to do is on me," said Reid. "It might be easy to point the finger at someone else, but I'd probably even do that wrong."

Reid has failed to win a Super Bowl in his 13 seasons at the helm in Philadelphia, and has only led his team to one Super Bowl in nine playoff appearances. His offensive scheme, staff decisions, clock mismanagement and curious late-game decisions have routinely sabotaged the Eagles.

"It's almost mathematically impossible to go to one Super Bowl in nine tries. You know, there's a known football axiom about no one person winning or losing a game for a team," said Reid. "I am the exception that proves that rule. I can think of dozens of games that we would have won had I called in sick to work that day. I am truly dreadful."

The Eagles immediately supported Reid.

"I support everything Andy is saying," said quarterback Michael Vick. "All of us could improve, but what's the point if he's our coach? I mean, really? Let's be serious."

"At times like this you have to pull together," said cornerback Asante Samuel. "And we are behind Andy 100-percent when he says he sucks."

But Eagles president Joe Banner would not place the blame on his head coach.

"I'm the one who should be taking the blame," said Banner. "I am the one who has kept him employed all these years, allowing him to be terrible at his job. The only person I know who is more incompetent than Andy Reid is me."