Alex Rodriguez Strikes Out to End Cardinals-Rangers World Series

The Cardinals-Rangers World Series ended in an odd, yet unsurprising way Friday night, as New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez struck out for the third and final out in the top of the 9th inning.

"There were two outs and it was David Murphy's spot in the lineup, but I looked up and there was A-Rod, in his full Yankees uniform, dug in and the first pitch was on the way," said Rangers manager Ron Washington. "Before I could say anything, he had taken it for a strike. By then it was too late."

Rodriguez took the next pitch inside for a ball. He then swung and missed badly on the third offering, a slider, from St. Louis closer Jason Motte. The fourth pitch, a fastball on the outside corner, was called strike three as Rodriguez stood there with his bat on his shoulder.

"I happened to be in the area and it just felt natural for me to be up as the potential final out of a series," said Rodriguez. "So when they got two outs, I stepped in there. My hope is that the more experience I get in these situations, the less I'll strike out. It wasn't meant to be tonight, though."

Home plate umpire Jerry Layne says he knew Rodriguez shouldn't have really been up to bat, but let the moment happen anyway.

"There are rules of baseball and then there are rules of nature," said Layne. "The rules of nature trump the rules of baseball. And one of those rules is that Alex Rodriguez makes the last out in the World Series."