The 25 Worst College Mascots

#5 – Gladys: Mary Baldwin College


Their mascot is named Gladys, their teams are called the Flying Squirrels. Clearly the administration just hates athletics.

#4 – Mr. Okra: Delta State


Delta State is located in Cleveland, Mississippi. Mississippi’s Cleveland. It must be paradise.

#3 – The Fighting Pickle: UNC School of the Arts


It’s not an intimidating mascot. On the other hand, an art school isn’t going to win any sporting events anyway.

#2 – Artie the Artichoke: Scottsdale Community College


As though community college doesn’t have a bad image already, they had to go and do this.

#1 – Speedy the Geoduck: Evergreen State


Not only does the mascot look like a chode protruding from a clam, these are actual lyrics to the school fight song: “Siphon high, squirt it out, swivel all about, let it all hang out.”

It’s easily the worst college mascot. Or, you know, very possibly the best college mascot.