NCAA Superconferences and their Superhero Equivalents

The new trend in the NCAA is "super-conferences", where existing conferences add members from other conferences or merge to form an even bigger conference. It's like when superheroes team up to face an unbeatable foe, but in this case the "foe" is "too small of a buttload of profits". So what are the superhero team equivalents for these new NCAA Super-conferences?

Let's reboot college football and find out (limited edition variant cover in mylar sleeve sold separately!):


Expanded SEC = Justice League of America

Just like DC's recent reboot of the JLA, the "super" SEC would have a familiar look. Recent national champs like LSU, Florida, Alabama and Auburn represent the Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman of the team, while Texas A&M and Missouri could be Element Woman and Lady Luck (i.e. "the members no one cares about").


Expanded ACC = The Avengers

When you really think about it, The Avengers don't make sense as a superhero team. What can Iron Man and Captain America possibly do that can't be handled by a literal God? They're about as useful as Pittsburgh and Syracuse as "coastal" cities. Any anything that potentially puts Coach K in an eye-patch is awesome.


Future Pac-16 = X-Men

Don't listen to the denials from the conference leadership, this thing is going to happen. And when it does, the Pac-16 is going to be more unmanageable than the X-Men roster, which at any given time contains hundreds of different mutants, including characters who are sometimes villains. Texas and its Longhorn Network are no different than Magneto and his Brotherhood: an enemy, until its convenient to make them an ally.


Big Ten = Fantastic Four

Check out this list of members of current and past members of the Fantastic Four:

Mister Fantastic
Invisible Woman
Human Torch
Luke Cage
Ms. Marvel
Namorita Storm
Black Panther
Franklin Richards
Valeria Richards

I count WAY more than Four. The Big Ten is just as bad at math, already at 12 teams and likely to stick with the conference name years from now when they're up to 32 teams (enjoy that "Big Ten" showdown between Eastern Michigan and Western Kentucky!). Plus Mr. Fantastic can stretch just as far as Ohio State can stretch the truth. It's quite an amazing superpower.


Big East/Big 12 Leftover Merger = Birds of Prey

You may know this superhero team from their short-lived WB TV series, which was mercifully canceled after just 13 episodes. This future "Conference of Convenience" should last about as long, with natural rivalries like West Virginia vs. Kansas State and Iowa State vs. Rutgers bound to draw WB-esque TV ratings.


Mountain West = Alpha Flight

The Canada-based "Alpha Flight" team is so close to being relevant in the greater Marvel universe, but with the majority of serious battles taking place in New York, it doesn't really seem like Alpha Flight will ever be at the center of the action. The same goes for the Mountain West, which looked like it was on the verge of earning a BCS automatic-qualifier bid, before losing BYU and TCU and replacing them with Boise and its WAC-y buddies.


WAC = The Non-JLA Members of the Super Friends

Have you seen some of the teams they're adding to this conference? Texas State? Seattle? Denver? I'm pretty sure these are the fictional schools they use in college football movies. FORM OF… A DECEMBER 17TH BOWL GAME!