Indianapolis Sends Colts Back to Baltimore in the Middle of the Night

Mayflower moving trucks were seen pulling into Baltimore this morning. Inside were the Indianapolis Colts — equipment, furniture, files, supplies, even the players and coaches.

The lead truck's driver was given a note to hand to Baltimore's mayor:

"Dear Baltimore — You can have the Colts back. Sorry about taking them before. Please do not return them. All the best! Sincerely, Mayor Gregory Ballard and the People of Indianapolis."

Baltimore's mayor read the note with a blank expression.

"I don't know what to think," said Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. "A lot of people still wish the Colts were here, so they'll be happy about this. But we have the Ravens now. This city isn't big enough to support two NFL teams."

Indianapolis Mayor Ballard said that should not be an issue: "The Colts are not currently an NFL-quality team. But Indianapolis hopes to get an NFL team again someday."

The Colts left Baltimore in 1984 and are returning after a 27-year absence.

"I clearly remember when the Colts were still in Baltimore, so this doesn't seem strange to me at all," said Colts quarterback Kerry Collins. "It seems like just yesterday they were in Baltimore to me. But I seem to be alone on that this team."

Baltimore officials are still considering what to do.

"We'll probably take them as long as they trade the Triple-A Indianapolis Indians for the Orioles," said Mayor Rawlings-Blake.