"But how will conference realignment affect basketball?" Asks Moron

NCAA Second Round: Texas A&M Aggies v Connecticut Huskies
Texas A&M Board of Regents member Marsha Keaton expressed reservations today about the school's move to the Southeastern Conference, asking fellow board members if anyone had considered how conference realignment might affect their basketball program.

"I realize football is king, but basketball is also a major sport and we probably need to consider how moving to the SEC might- …" Keaton said, before being cut off by the laughter that filled the room.

"Ha! Basketball! Good one, Marsha. Where do you come up with this stuff," fellow board member Andrew Burnett said after composing himself. "Basketball. Hilarious."

After all of the laughter finally died down, Keaton continued on.

"And what about our other sports like soccer and softball and tennis," she said, as the room exploded into laughter again. "How can we afford to fly those teams halfway across the country all the time?"

The other board members then asked Keaton to "stop" because their "stomachs were hurting from laughing" or because they wanted to "call in some people down the hall to hear this. It's so great."

Once everyone was assembled, Burnett asked Keaton to continue — "Okay, tell the one about basketball and soccer and everything. We're ready," he said.

So Keaton obliged.

"Seriously, has anyone thought through everything here?" she asked.

"Ha! 'Seriously' she says," someone interjected, as the laughter began again.

"No, seriously," Keaton asked again as the room went silent.

"Umm … no. Not that I know of," Burnett eventually piped up.

Finally, after about a minute of awkward silence, the room broke into cheers of: "S-E-C! S-E-C! S-E-C!"